My Way – Downloadable Game

My Way is a wonderfully weird little action puzzle game with a hint of SUPERHOT, where you plot your route around your environment to dodge bullets and obliterate bad guys.

Created by seiko_dev, (creator of Gray Robo 0.0) for the 16th UE4 Petit Con, My Way is a fast, fun and very silly action puzzle game that follows a robotic superhero as he attempts to save a damsel in distress from a hideout filled with bad guys. The bad guys all have guns and you are unarmed, but you’re fast and you hit hard.

In each level of the game you need to plot a route from so that you can hit the enemy while avoiding enemy fire. Movement is all controlled with the mouse, with you aiming and left clicking to create your path, then pressing the right mouse button to spring into action. Time is slowed down when you’re plotting your route, but you still need to work fast as the bullets will still kill you if they hit you.

Taking under five minutes to play through, My Way is a very short game, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun and it’s got an inventive core gameplay mechanic that would be perfect for expanding on. The levels are well designed and require a little thought to beat, and the animations for the various ways you smash your opponents are hilarious. Highly recommended.

Download My Way Here (Windows)