My Zombie Wife – Beta Download (Android)

My Zombie Wife is a wonderfully weird 2D adventure where you set out into a zombie infested post-apocalyptic world in search of resources that you can use to craft a cure for your beloved wife, who has turned into a zombie!

Currently in development by Lemon Jam Games (creators of Pursuit of Light and Infinite Knights), My Zombie Wife delivers a fun twist on the zombie apocalypse as you attempt to save your zombie-infected wife, rather than just blowing her head off with a shotgun! In the game you’ll roam the streets, fighting zombies, talking to NPCs, smashing objects to collect resources and making money to help build machines and develop a zombie vaccine. As you progress you’ll discover the town’s secrets, develop more powerful zombie-killing weapons, unlock useful upgrades and hopefully cure your wife.

It’s a fun looking game with a quirky sense of humor, high quality pixel art animation and novel survival adventure gameplay that makes for a very unique take on the zombie apocalypse. See if you can save your beautiful brain-eating bride!

Download The My Zombie Wife Beta Here (Android)