MyDream – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

MyDream game gif

MyDream is an impressive voxel based world and adventure building sandbox/toolbox that allows you to build highly detailed worlds, then fill them with RPG-style adventures, full of treasures, puzzles and intricate quests for others to play though.

Each procedurally generated world is can be made from a variety of world types and is populated by natural inhabitants.  Once you know the basics, World Building and Quest building are remarkably easy.  Instead of banging away with a pick-axe you simply shape the world with your versatile swiss-army-arm.  You’re not just restricted to building out of Minecraft-style blocks, and can actually sculpt terrain organically into any shape you want.  Another point of note is that MyDream Interactive hosts all the created worlds, so there’s no need to fork out for world hosting on servers.

Once your world is built, the quest building system offers a comprehensive list of tools.  This allows players to create detailed quests with specific limitations – such as limiting the amount of time, lives and health regeneration, to control how challenging the it is.  There’s also an RPG-style levelling system that allows you to level up in three different categories (Builder, Explorer, and Bravery), enhancing your playstyle as you progress.

The procedurally generated worlds of MyDream are wonderfully tranquil places to explore and build upon. This is thanks largely to the wonderful dream-like soundtrack and the nice little audio touches that make even scrolling through your inventory a delightful experience.  It’s an impressive game, with it’s dream like atmosphere, RPG-style progression, world building and quest building, MyDream really does allow you create anything you can dream up!

We have 24 MyDream Steam Early Access Keys To Giveaway!  We’ll give them out via our official Facebook Page HERE

Anyone who misses out on the giveaway can still purchase the game via Steam HERE