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Myha, a strange adventure game made for the Myst Jam, has you stranded on a strange planet with your broken rocket ship.

Your mission was simple – go and investigate a distress signal that came from the moon. You land on the moon, without issue, and come to find that there is nothing there. No distress beacon, no people to send a signal, only a black cube. This curious object then transports you and your rocket to a small island in a strange world. Unsure of what this world is, you call it Myha (or Moon, in your language). You must explore this world looking for the person who sent the signal, any strange objects that can be brought home, and a way to get back to the moon.

This challenging game is full of different Myst-style puzzles that do require a basic knowledge of math and a skilled brain to attempt them. Myha is full of weird areas to explore, and you can collect different objects, find broken computers, and listen to your own strange voice tell you things about your environment. Myha may be challenging, but it is super polished and complemented by it’s wonderfully relaxing soundtrack of peaceful sounds.  Will you find your way home?

Download Myha Here (Win Only)

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