MyWorld – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

MyWorld Steam Key Giveaway

MyWorld is an ambitious new game that’s essentially the LittleBigPlanet of Action RPG’s, with players able to easily play, create and share solo, co-op and PvP adventures packed with monsters, traps, loot, quests and big badass bosses.

Currently available to purchase in Early Access on Steam, MyWorld offers players a fully fledged action RPG adventure creator with a comprehensive set of adventure building tools, Steam Workshop support and even some well crafted pre-built worlds that can help kick-start your imagination. These pre-built adventures are very impressive and do wonders to showcase the creative options available to players, with fun combat, breakable objects and diverse dungeon design, but as with LittleBigPlanet, it’ll be the community built content that will most likely offer up the most surprises.

The powerful world editor currently boasts over 200 items, from little chickens to towering bosses, and nine different world themes, all of which can be used to create your very own epic RPG adventures with no coding required. As well as populating your dungeons with monsters, traps and bosses, you can also use NPC’s to add depth to your world, allowing creators to easily tell a story or create unique quests for players to embark on.

It’s still in development but MyWorld is already an impressive achievement, offering an easily accessible action RPG toolkit that’s packed full of possibilities for creators and fun, action-focused gameplay for the players. A comprehensive action RPG experience where the only limit is your imagination.

We Have 30 MyWorld Steam Early Access Keys to give away! To enter, simply perform any of the actions in the widget below for a chance to win! Winners will be notified tomorrow. The devs are also holding a competition for games built with MyWorld, with a massive $1000 prize for the top spot, more info here.

MyWorld – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway