Naginata – Game Jam Build

Naginata is a fun NES styled action platformer metroidvania where a young warrior sets out to purge the land of an evil Samurai clan.

Created for the Metroidvania Month 14 game jam, Naginata is a retro 8-bit styled metroidvania adventure set in a mythological Feudal Japan. In the game you are a brave young warrior who is handed his aging father’s naginata (a long pole with a blade at the end) and sent out to vanquish the evil Fire Samurai Clan who are attacking your land. Along the way you’ll fight enemies, find secrets, battle bosses and unlock new abilities that allow you to traverse the game’s large non-linear world.

At the moment the last areas and the final boss are incomplete, but even as it stands it’s an excellent little retro action platforming romp. The chunky 8-bit styled visuals and striking color palate are very stylish, the soundtrack is very dramatic and there’s a lot to discover as you traverse its surprisingly vast world.

Play Naginata Here (Browser)