NAIAD – Beta Demo

NAIAD is a wonderfully chilled out exploration adventure where a water nymph swims around a vibrant river system, discovering secrets and making friends with animals.

In NAIAD you control a water nymph who can swim through the crystal clear waters of a river and interact with the various animals and fauna along the way. There are no clear objectives. Instead, you discover them yourself. You can get the various creatures to follow you and often help them out in the process (such as bringing a lost duckling back to its mother), allowing you to spread a little joy along your journey.

It does run the risk of getting a little repetitive, but it’s a very pleasant and tranquil experience. The environments are beautiful and the way your character floats and swims through the water is a delight. A magical watery adventure wll worth getting your feet wet in.

Download The NAIAD Beta Demo Here (Steam)