Nainai’s Recipe – Beta Download

Nainai’s Recipe is an incredibly wholesome little physics-based cooking game where you cook up some food while texting your grandma on the phone.

In Nainai’s Recipe you spend a little time in a Chinese-styled kitchen where you can cook up food while texting your grandma. There are no rules and there’s no scoring system – you can just relax and enjoy cooking. The cooking is quite in depth too, with you able to select ingredients from the fridge, chop them up as finely as you like and then toss them around in a wok. When it’s ready you can then tip it into your plate and sit by the window to eat and continue your chat with your grandma.

There is some serious slowdown when moving large quantities of finely cut pieces, and it is prone to crashing when you get to the window area, but other than that it’s a great little game. There’s a very cozy feeling to the setting, the freeform physics-based cooking is a lot of fun and your chats with your granny are very realistic and heartfelt. A charming little cooking sim with a little food for thought.

Download the Nainai’s Recipe Beta Here (Windows & Mac)