Name of the Will – Alpha Demo

Name of the Will is a politically tinged dark atmospheric narrative driven adventure set in a futuristic authoritarian country where you must obey your “Benevolent Father”.

Drawing inspiration from the current situation in Hong kong, Name of the Will is a dark Sci-Fi adventure where you wake up wearing a strange mask in a mysterious place called Hope. It’s a place that very much bears the markings of an authoritarian government, with people being told what to think, do and say. Everybody even looks the same, thanks to the strange masks they all wear. But then one day something happens and the people get a glimpse of the real world behind the lies the government are feeding them…

The analogy is far from subtle, but it’s an interesting game with a meaningful message, an intriguing setting and some fantastic hand drawn animation. A thought provoking adventure that’s disturbingly clare to real life events.

Download the Name of the Will Alpha Demo Here (Steam)