Narwhal Heist – Beta Download

Narwhal Heist is a funny and challenging physics based stealth puzzle platforming adventure where a narwhal where a Narwhal goes on a stealing spree to pay for a $5,000,000 ransom.

In Narwhal Heist you take on the role of a secret agent called Wally the Narwhal who has a knack for breaking into buildings and stealing stuff (despite his rather cumbersome size). Unfortunately your arch nemesis Professor Wigglywams has kidnapped your family and you’re going to have to use your cat-burglary skills to rob buildings to pay for their ransom.

Your handler gives you lots of guidance as you complete each mission and steal valuables, but it’s not going to be easy. You need to be extremely quiet, so you have to avoid hitting the various breakable vases that are scattered around each level. This would be tricky for a human, but being a narwhal adds even more challenge – mainly because of your large size, the way you slide along the ground and the fact that you have a gigantic horn sticking out in front of you!

There are some issues with the current build of Narwhal Heist, most notably the checkpoint system that is pretty broken and rarely works. This means that if you screw up then you go right back to the start of the level, which is a real problem in the third level, that requires a LOT of stealth and precision jumping.

Aside from the checkpoints, Narwhal Heist is a very promising game with great voice acting, a delightfully silly premise and a nice variety of challenging levels. A wonderfully lighthearted stealth platforming adventure with a very unlikely horned hero.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Narwhal Heist Beta Here (Windows)