Nascent Prophecy – Alpha Demo

Nascent Prophecy is an isometric diorama-styled Sci-Fi adventure where you solve puzzles and unravel the mystery of what’s going on at an outpost that’s in the process of being decommissioned.

In Nascent Prophecy you take on the role of a terraformer who has been stationed at the Spire outpost for the past six months. The once prosperous Spire is in the process of being decommissioned, but after going out to check on a power fault on the outer boundary you are knocked out and awaken to find that no-ones around and the entire outpost has gone into lockdown. You need to power up the outpost, try to find your way back in and find some answers in the process. It’s likely there’s a good reason the Spire was being decommissioned in the first place!

The current build of Nascent Prophecy takes around 30 minutes to play through and focuses on showing off the game mechanics and introducing you to its stylish Sci-Fi world. You have direct control of your character, but the puzzles are akin to traditional point and click adventure games, with you searching for useful items and figuring out where to use them. There are also minor crafting elements and some automated defenses to stay clear of.

The demo ends before anything really juicy happens, but it’s a good introduction to the game. The puzzles are well designed, the controls are intuitive and the diorama styled visuals are absolutely gorgeous. By the end you’ll be dying to learn more of it’s isometric Sci-Fi world.

Download The Nascent Prophecy Alpha Demo Here (Windows)