Nautical Survival – Beta Demo

Nautical Survival features a novel blend of sailing, Survivor-like auto-shooting and strategy as you pilot a little boat in deadly waters.

In Nautical Survival you control a little boat as it fends off waves of oceanic terrors. You sail around and the ship auto-shoots at enemies and you level up and earn upgrades as in any Survivor-like. However, there are also islands peppered around the area which you can visit to spend your cash. This can allow you to buy weapons, increase your vision, invest in factories that earn more cash, heal and hire extra crew-members.

It’s a very addictive game with fast-paced gameplay, charming pixel art visuals and a very satisfying loop of blasting, collecting and spending. A ship-shape Survivor-like well worth setting sail with.

Download The Nautical Survival Beta Demo Here (Steam)