Navisy: Creatures of the Deep – Student Project Game

Navisy: Creatures of the Deep is a stylish seafaring action adventure game that sees you exploring the sea, battling monsters and searching for a mythical beast.

In Navisy: Creatures of the Deep you control a little boat equipped with a harpoon gun, a searchlight, a compass and a shockwave. You’ve heard tales of a monster of the deep and have ventured out in your boat in search of it.

As you sail through the sea your compass starts pointing in different directions, guiding you towards glowing beacons that you can spot with your searchlight and then collect. Perhaps these glowing beacons will help guide you towards the beast that you’re searching for, but the more of them that you collect, the more hordes smaller sea monsters start to chase and attack you. You’ll have to out maneuver them and fend them off with your harpoon gun if you want to discover the mystery of the deep.

It’s a fun little game that really impresses with it’s ominous and claustrophobic atmosphere and increasing sense of peril as more and more monsters chase your little boat. Maybe some deep sea mysteries are best left alone…

Download or Play Navisy: Creatures of the Deep Here (Windows & Browser)