Nax of the Universe is an Action RPG that focuses on having a fast, fluid combat, made by @theRaonak .  It’s a joy to play, wandering around the retro 2D world, laying waste to enemies with some badass sword skills.  It’s got a nice, fluid fighting style, that allows you to block, teleport, change weapons on the fly, and pull off combos.   There are also plenty of RPG elements, such as loot, Mario-esque coins littered around the levels, and an XP and Leveling up system.

Nax of the Universe is still very early in development, but it’s shaping up to be a great little game, with it’s mixture of 2D RPG elements and fluid fighting mechanics.  It feels like (Devil May Crys) Dante has ‘blacked-up’ and invaded the 2D Hyrule world of early Zelda games!

Visit the main website and download the Pre-Alpha HERE