Nebular Crush – Alpha Demo

Nebular Crush Game Download

Nebular Crush is a very odd psychedelic side scrolling shooter that draws inspiration from classic 80’s/90’s arcade games in which you jump on a space surf board and shred your way through bizarre dimensions.

Playable in single player or brotastic co-op, Nebular Crush offers a strange, anarchic take on the side scrolling shoot-em-up genre. It’d be wrong to call it a bullet hell shooter, it’s more of a ‘speed hell’ shooter as it’s the speed the screen moves that’s the real danger in this game. The neon-filled levels whiz by at a frantic speed, with you weaving between enemies and projectiles as best you can, blasting what enemies you can and collecting loot in the process.

Nebular Crush is still very early in development so does have a few rough edges and a very limited amount of power-ups, but it’s chaotic take on the classic side scrolling shoot-em-up genre certainly shows promise. It’s certainly got plenty of style, with a bit more refinement and some more power-ups Nebular Crush will be able to hang ten with the best of them.

Warning: Contains flashing imagery

Download The Nebular Crush Alpha Demo Here (Windows)