Necken – Alpha Download


Necken is a tile-based adventure game set in the wild forests of Sweden. As you explore the world, you’ll have to face-off against a myriad of creatures including giant rats, vicious boars, and angry gnomes.

Necken’s gameplay proceeds very linearly with its simplified control scheme having you slowly hop from tile to tile, fighting enemies and harvesting supplies. Interestingly, Necken takes on a semi-turn-based style to its interactions, having you wait on each tile to activate the associated action. As such, you’ll need to be cautious when squaring off against enemies as once you begin a battle, you cannot leave.

Like in other games in the survival genre, your weapons and harvesting tools have a limited lifespan. A few knocks with your sword will eventually see it crumble. Don’t worry though; collect enough supplies and you’ll be able to build smithies to make new weapons and tools. In the current Alpha version of the game, there are six levels, each with its own set of mini-quests for you to complete.

The pixel art is kept clean and simple, with chunky, vividly colored characters and an environment filled with lovely subtle details. The music is also kept basic with just the right dash of bloopy, NES goodness to evoke the necessary nostalgia to compliment the game’s retro feel. Even with its short fifteen minute run-time, Necken looks to be a very promising indie title. It’s clear that a lot of attention was spared for the small details of the game and we can’t wait to see what else the developer has in-store.

Download Necken Here (Win & Mac)