Necro Night – Game Jam Build Download

Necro Night is a macabre little puzzle adventure where you try to figure out the names of the various people in a building so that you can kill them.

Created for Miziziziz’s Four Game Devs, One Art Kit series (where four devs make different games using the same art assets), using the Modern Interiors asset set, Necro Night is a game where you kill people by writing their names in a book (a little like Death Note). The narrative leaves quite a lot up to the player’s interpretation, but it appears that perhaps you (or someone close to you) have been killed and the names that you put in the book are the culprits. However, first you need to use the clues located in each room to deduce what the names of the people are.

It’s an interesting game with some clever puzzles and some cool visual effects (such as the way the main corridor shifts around the screen as you walk through it). Developer Bryce Butcher has done a great job of transforming some very colorful and cheerful assets into something very creepy. See what names you can find for your death book!

Download Necro Night Here (Windows)