Necrocosmos: There Is No God Up Here – Alpha Demo

Necrocosmos Game Download

Necrocosmos: There Is No God Up Here is an impressive old school Sci-Fi metroidvania with challenging action platforming gameplay and snazzy pixel art visuals that sees you unraveling hidden mysteries across a vast open galaxy.

We first featured Necrocosmos: There Is No God Up Here on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago while it was still called Andromeda and were very impressed with its 8-bit styled Metroid inspired game world, intriguing Sci-Fi narrative and hardcore retro gameplay. In the game you take control of Max Weaver, a bounty hunter who’s been tasked with finding a group of missing scientists on a remote planet called Andromeda. Things don’t go as smoothly as you hoped and soon you’re ensnared in an epic adventure spread across the galaxy, that sees you solving puzzles, discovering secrets, upgrading equipment, blasting aliens and battling massive bosses.

To aid you on your journey you have a nifty little jetpack, different armored suits and a DNA gun. This DNA gun is particularly useful as it can combine the DNA of enemies you shoot to create powerful new shots that you can use to defeat enemies, clear obstructions and solve puzzles. So for instance, you can create a fire shot that burns away wood, a freeze shot that freezes water into a solid platform or an electricity shot that can power mechanisms.

The current demo build offers a sizeable chunk of gameplay but the full game promises a lot more, with an adventure that spans an entire star map. The planets themselves are custom built but the star maps that they’re in will be randomly generated, so planets that are right next to each other in one playthrough may be far apart in another. To shake up the action platforming gameplay, you travel between these planets in vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up sections that see you weaving through meteor fields, blasting enemies and even taking on large bosses.

It’s still early in development, but Necrocosmos already impresses with its high quality pixel art visuals, dark Sci-Fi narrative, diverse gameplay, clever puzzle design and unique weaponry. A very promising metroidvania adventure with plenty of varied content to sink your teeth into.

Check Out The Kickstarter & Download The Necrocosmos Alpha Demo Here (Win & Linux)