Necrofugitive – Alpha Demo

Necrofugitive is a very stylish fight-or-flight action game where you use stealth, deception and the ability to transform into a massive bloodthirsty demon as you attempt to escape from the bannermen and bounty hunters that pursue you.

In Necrofugitive you take on the role of the last surviving member of the Cult of Skoroz. The rest of your cult were slain by knights and you were imprisoned, but now you’ve escaped from your cell and are making your escape.

With whole armies dispatched to take your down, you are vastly outnumbered, but you do have a few tricks up your sleeves that will aid your journey. You are a formidable fighter and you also have access to demonic powers. Two particularly useful ones involve you being able to shapeshift into a powerful demonic beast and also being able to absorb the bodies of slain enemies and disguise yourself as them.

The current build of Necrofugitive is still early in development but it shows a lot of promise. It features two combat arenas and one stealth level which sees you attempting to sneak through a castle, find keys and escape. There are some issues with the stealth mechanics at the moment (such as the way guards are instantly alerted when they hear you walking on a floor above or below them), but on the whole it’s very impressive. The pixel art animation is excellent, the combat is fun and the shapeshifitng abilities allow for lots of interesting gameplay possibilities.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Necrofugitive Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)