Necrolance – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Necrolance is a retro action platforming adventure where you not only take control of the hero, but also control an evil knight who’s been sent out to slay the hero!

The retro action platforming of Necrolance takes place in a land where a powerful necromancer was slain a thousand years ago. Now the necromancer has returned and the king has gone missing – it’s up to you to save the kingdom from the great evil. But it’s also up to you to stop yourself from putting an end to the great evil, because in Necrolance you alternate between playing the hero and the bad guy who’s been sent out to slay the hero!

The action platforming gameplay of Necrolance most resembles Wonder Boy in Monster Land, with large open levels, chunky sprites, bosses to slay and loot to collect. The levels where you control the hero are generally straight up action platforming levels, but the levels where you control the necromancer’s knight can also contain some mild puzzle elements.

It’s a fun retro romp with charming Game Boy-esque visuals and the ability to play the bad guy is a novel twist. We have 50 Necrolance Steam Beta keys to giveaway! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 21st of December.

You Can Follow The Development of Necrolance Here

Necrolance – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

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