Necromaton – Alpha Download


Necromaton is a cooperative isometric shooter with a Diablo-style point-and-click control system, procedurally generated levels, and RPG-like levelling and skill customisation.

It’s a fun game, the team based tactical warfare feels a little like X-COM, but in real time.  Up to 4 players can play co-operatively against the hordes of monsters – of which there are over 30 different types.  The randomly generated levels are pretty challenging, you’ll gain XP and loot by killing monsters, but the monsters get stronger with time, so you’ll want to complete your objectives as fast as possible.

Necromaton is still early in development, the menu system and UI could do with a little work, but the gameplay is great.  It’s a real-time X-COM with Diablo controls – point n’ gun fun.

Download the Alpha HERE or HERE (Win & Mac)

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