Necrosmith 2 – Beta Demo

Bring out your dead! Necrosmith 2 is a necromancy RTS where you’ll raise an army of undead, conquer the land and bring down titans.

A sequel to the well received 2022 original, Necrosmith 2 is a necromancy simulation real-time strategy game where you can make your enemies work for you (or their corpses anyway). You’ll combine body parts of various fantasy races to create Frankenstein-esque abominations that you can then send shambling off to take down foes.

As you progress you’ll upgrade your tower, and unlock new body parts, abilities and skills. There are many hazards to deal with in the game’s procedurally generated world, insulting giant titans that can easily smash your tower. Thankfully you can build your own titans though and send them out to do some serious damage.

It’s a very worthy sequel to the original, with lots of great upgrades, and the addition of titans is especially welcome. There’s plenty of life in necromancy simulation!

Download The Necrosmith 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)