Necrosmith – Open Beta

Necrosmith is a fast paced real-time strategy game where you combine body parts that you find to resurrect minions that will crush your enemies.

In Necrosmith there’s little to no micromanagement of your units. You can take manual control of them if you want, but in general it’s best to spend your time assembling body parts and sending your freakish undead minions into the wild.

Building your minions is simple – you just select a head, a body, two arms and two legs then you use some of your mana to revive them and release them into the world. There are lots of different types of body parts, each with different stats and mana costs. You start off with fairly basic parts, but as you progress you find better ones and you can also research upgrades for your base and minions.

As your minions explore they reveal more of the world and they attack the enemy and capture different structures automatically. Your aim is to destroy the enemy’s castle, but you also have to prevent the enemy from destroying yours in the meantime.

It’s a very unique and addictive take on the RTS genre, with fast paced gameplay, great pixel art animation and minimal micromanagement. There’s a huge array of freaky monsters you can build, and it’s especially satisfying when you unleash a particularly powerful one. Highly recommended.

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