Necrosphere – Beta Demo

Necrosphere Game Download

Necrosphere is a cleverly crafted precision platforming pixel art metroidvania in which you use just two input buttons as you attempt to make your escape from the afterlife.

In Necrosphere you control Agent Terry Cooper, a secret agent who has recently died and been sent to the Necrosphere – a lonely Limbo-esque afterlife where you’re destined to stay for eternity. Obviously you’re not too keen on hanging around there, so set out in search of the mysterious portals that are rumored to have the power to take you back to the Normalsphere (the living).

When you consider that the entirety of Necrosphere is played out just using two buttons (left and right), the amount of variety of challenges you encounter in the level design is astounding. The obvious question you’d ask about a platformer in which you can only move left and right is ‘how do you jump?’. Necrosphere gets around this by placing little bubbles around the game world which fire you up into the air when you touch them – often requiring a little problem solving as you figure out how to reach them and what order to use them in or requiring Super Meatboy levels of precision timing as you jump between them while avoiding hazards. Being a metroidvania, you’l also be able to unlock new skills later on that will help you access new areas too.

Necrosphere is still in development, but It’s already a masterclass in game design, with stylish pixel art visuals, tight controls and well crafted world that manages to squeeze more gameplay out of just two buttons than most games manage with an entire control pad. Less is definitely more in the Necrosphere!

Download or Play Necrosphere Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)