Needlesong – Prototype Download

Needlesong is a stylish little top-down twin-stick shooter where you kill your enemies with a mind controlled needle.

In Needlesong you control a little wizard who has a mind-controlled needle, much like Yondu’s arrow in Guardians of the Galaxy. Best played with a control pad, you control the wizard with the left analog stick and the arrow with the right analog stick, and you can press the right trigger to make the arrow do a dashing attack.

You need to use your arrow to fight your way through a procedurally generated dungeon full of wizards, soldiers and floating eyeballs. Each time you use your attack you lose a bet of your charge, but you can top it up by collecting the charge that enemies drop when you kill them. This means you need to be pretty accurate as you don’t want to waste attacks and run out of charge.

The current build of Needlesong is a prototype created for the GMTK Jam, so there’s not a huge amount of content, but the dev plans to expand on it. There’s a lot to like about the current build though – pixel art is excellent, the music is catchy and the core gameplay is a lot of fun. It takes a bit of skill to master the use of the mind-controlled needle – Yondu makes it look easy!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Needlesong Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)