Negative Nancy – Beta Demo

Negative Nancy is a hilariously silly branching narrative adventure where you step into the shoes of a retail clerk called Nancy, who can only say one word – NO.

In Negative Nancy the titular character has taken control of her life and decided to say “no” more often. A lot more often in-fact, as it’s the only word that she can say. You may think that this may make holding conversations with each other a little tricky (and you’d be right), but you also have the option to say nothing at all, which makes your answer more ambiguous and allows the other characters to make up their own minds about what your silence means.

The current build of Negative Nancy takes around 15 minutes to play through, but it’s worth playing through multiple times as there are multiple endings and wildly different conversations you can have throughout them. It starts with Nancy working her normal shift as a (rather unhelpful) retail clerk in charge of returns at a large superstore. You “chat” with a customer and colleagues (if saying “no” a lot can be construed as chatting), but things escalate quickly and it’s not long before you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You’ll have to choose your noes wisely if you want to avoid jail, or even worse…

It’s a delightfully silly and inventive twist on the branching narrative adventure with a great sense of humor and a surprisingly diverse array of dialogue and consequences for simply saying “no” or nothing at all. The varied tones of Nancy’s “noes” are oddly hilarious and there are some great characters to meet too (such as a particularly angry detective). A no-filled adventure you really should say yes to!

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Download The Negative Nancy Beta Demo Here