Neko Ghost, Jump! – Alpha Demo

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a charming and challenging 2D/3D puzzle platformer where you have the ability to flatten the 3D game world into a 2D perspective as you attempt to tackle each cleverly crafted level.

In Neko Ghost, Jump! you take control of a cute little cat whose friends have all just been kidnapped by nasty ghost dog pirates. You must now seven unique biomes, confront the ghost odg pirates and save your pals. You can rush through levels to earn stars and a place on the online leaderboards or you can take your time and collect coins to unlock customization options.

Your cute little kitty can run, jump and attack as in most action platformers, but he also has a unique ability that allows him to switch between 3D and 2D perspectives. Switching to a 2D perspective effectively collapses the entire Z axis making platforms that were far away now appear like they are right next to each other and switching to a 3D view often allows you to see gaps in the walls that you can pass through.

Don’t let Neko Ghost, Jump!’s cutesy game world and adorable little kitties fool you – it’s a challenging game that requires real thought and platforming skills to beat (particularly if you’re looking for a good star rating). The ability to switch between 2D and 3D is a great concept and the level design does a great job of utilizing this feature in inventive ways. A fine dimension-flipping feline puzzle platforming adventure well worth jumping on.

Download The Neko Ghost, Jump! Alpha Demo Here (Steam)