Neko Yume 猫夢 – Game Jam Build Download

Neko Yume 猫夢 is a beautiful and bizarre adventure that draws inspiration from the PS1 classic LSD Dream Emulator and sees you searching for four lost cats in a partially randomized dream world.

Created by Modus Interactive (creator of Groaning Steel, Iketsuki and the Siren Head game), Neko Yume is a wonderfully weird first person adventure where you explore a cat-filled dream and search for four lost cats. The cats are located in various places across the land, but it’s often not enough to be in the right place to find them – you have to be there at the right time too. The game features a day/night cycle and has randomized events which can dramatically alter the scenery and make finding those kitties a little trickier!

It’s not a new game (it was originally released back in 2018), but it’s a wonderful experience wandering around Neko Yume’s vibrant and trippy cat-filled PS1 styled landscapes. Some of the visuals are eye-meltingly beautiful and there’s lots of fun little details and random weirdness to discover as you search for those lost cats. LSD Dream Emulator: Kitty Cat Edition!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Neko Yume 猫夢 Here (Windows)