Nektonik – Alpha Build


Nektonik is a beautiful multicellular organism survival/evolution game in which you swim around in the primordial goo, avoiding large organisms, battling smaller organisms and absorbing useful parts from them.

You start Nektonik as a tiny microscopic organism and must try to survive and evolve in the hostile waters filled with a multitude of different life forms – some small and some huge.  You must absorb food sources and pick off the weaker life-forms, then attach their parts to assist you in taking on larger, deadlier organisms.  Each level you start with a new generation of Nekton, but you can pass useful genes on to your offspring, helping your bloodline to slowly evolve from tiny weaklings into a massive mighty monsters.

It’s a surprisingly relaxing experience as you swim around the beautiful aquatic world of Nektonik, playing like a blend of Flow and, but with more depth to the gameplay and more of an end game.  A beautiful and entrancing swim through a deadly microscopic wonderland.

Follow Nektonik’s Development HERE

Play The Nektonik Alpha in a Unity Supported Browser HERE