Nelo – Pre-Alpha Download


Nelo is a ridiculously fast third person/top down shooter hybrid in which you play an alien soldier equipped with a super suit capable of granting super speed, high agility and the ability to use telekinetic powers to quadruple wield guns.

You are the last surviving member of a crashed ship on an alien planet now ruled by an AI that your species foolishly created before it turned on them SkyNet-style. Your aim is to escape the planet and find a way to rendezvous with the rest of your people. In front of you is a whole planet of mechanical monstrosities ready to fill you with lead, BUT you do have one advantage – a super cool mechanical suit that makes you into a four-gun wielding badass capable of moving at lighting fast speeds.

The gameplay in Nelo is so fast it makes Vanquish feel sedate and can be a little overwhelming when enemies start to swarm around you, but luckily you can switch from third person to third person in an instant by pressing the right mouse button to get a better view of the action. The third person view is more spectacular to play in and useful for platforming, but the top down view certainly comes in handy in times of trouble. As well as your four guns, you also have melee attacks, shields – all of which must be used tactically if you want to rack up the multiplier enough to activate an EMP bomb (which kills enemies and replenishes health).

The full game will feature a full single player story that mixes up the action with exploration and platforming elements, while the current pre-alpha build features Endurance mode only – a horde-esque mode in which you attempt to hold down areas and fight off increasingly deadly enemies with the aim of racking up a high score. It’s a fun mode and offers up a great taste of the hyper-kinetic gameplay to expect in the full game. So what are you waiting for? Suit up for some super fast, super intense, quadruple-gun wielding action!

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Download The Nelo Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows only)