Neo Cab – Beta Demo

Neo Cab is a very stylish and well written narrative driven adventure that’s played out entirely via conversations you have with passengers in your car, as you become one of the last human Uber-esque drivers-for-hire in a dystopian cyberpunk city.

In Neo Cab you step into the shoes of Lina, a young woman who works as an Uber style driver-for-hire, who has just moved to a large dystopian city where she’s planning to stay with a dear old friend. The narrative plays out as you drive around in your car, picking up friends, strangers and Neo Cab fares. Your conversations with your passengers help you to learn more about them, yourself and the increasingly more automated city of Los Ojos. There’s bad blood between you and a driverless car company that seems to run Los Ojos and it doesn’t take long to figure out that all is not right in your new home city.

The majority of Neo Cab plays out like a very slick and stylish visual novel, with you chatting to your passengers and choosing dialogue option. The gameplay is much deeper than a traditional visual novel though, with you managing which fares to pick up, your monetary needs and emotional well-being, while always trying not to lose your prised five star Neo Cab driver rating.

The current demo build of Neo Cab features around an hour’s worth of gameplay and really impresses with its beautiful neon-filled visuals, interesting characters and intriguing dystopian cyberpunk world. Each new passenger has their own story and they all help flesh out the grim reality of the increasingly automated world you live in. If you think Uber drivers have it tough, you should try a night behind the wheel of a Neo Cab!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Neo Cab Beta Demo Here (Steam)