Neon Beasts – Kickstarter Demo

Neon Beasts is a gloriously brutal neon-soaked run ‘n gun FPS where a vicious half-wolf hitman sets out to kill a high-flying terrorist who has taken over a city.

In Neon Beasts you take on the role of Beast – a half man, half wolf hitman who has been recruited to perform a hit on a powerful businessman/terrorist called Vincent, who has organized a revolt in the city. The entire police force has been slaughtered and gangs now roam the streets. You need to fight your way through the streets, climb Vincent’s tower and eliminate him, leaving a trail of blood and carnage in your wake.

Neon Beasts has a Hotline Miami-esque neon-soaked 80’s vibe but the gameplay is quite different. It plays more like a classic 90’s run ‘n gun FPS, but with some modern mechanics such as bullet-time, dashing and executions.

A big problem at the moment is that the enemies are bullet sponges, sometimes requiring up to three headshots to take them down. This eats up ammo and messes with the flow of the gameplay. If the dev could reduce the normal gang members’ health by about half then it could be a lot more fun.

Aside from this small issue, it’s a very promising game with tons of style and satisfying run ‘n gun gameplay. You really feel like a badass as you go on your rampage through the city and there are some clever touches throughout (such as it’s dark twist on a tutorial stage). Well worth checking out for a bit of blood and neon-soaked run ‘n gun fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download The Demo Here (Windows)