Neon Mountain TV 2 (NMTV2) – Game Jam Build Download


Neon Mountain TV 2 (or NMTV2) is a thoroughly bizarre blend of trashy cable TV and Wario Ware, that sees you flipping through channels and carrying out some very weird actions – from making a coder cry to driving a tanker with Donald Trump’s head on it through a crowd of Bernie Sanders supporters.

Needless to say Neon Mountain TV 2 is very weird, taking the original’s odd premise and upping the ante in every way. Much like Wario Ware you have to complete a variety of tasks as fast as possible without any proper instructions, meaning the first time you encounter a mini-game you’ll probably fail it. But working out the mechanics of each game is great fun, and failure isn’t a big deal anyway as ‘scores mean nothing’.

The variety of mini-games on show in Neon Mountain TV 2 is pretty impressive, spanning a variety of genres, packing beat-em-ups, dungeon crawling, dating simulation, driving and much more into it’s short playtime. It’s a lot of fun – a super silly channel hopping oddity, packed with variety and madness.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Neon Mountain TV 2 Here (Windows Only)