Neon Tank Warrior – Game Jam Build

Neon Tank Warrior has you sacrificing a lot as you go on an epic journey, after the fall of bitcoins and the society as we know it, to the legendary city of light.

Neon colored tanks are taking the journey to the city of light, despite the many costs that come with their travels. This journey is quite long, and there is no direct guide to tell you where to go. To make matters worse, loads of other tanks also are on the journey, looking to destroy you or anyone else before you make it. Your health slowly drains as time goes on and as you shoot, but you lose even bigger chunks as you get damaged. Once you have run out of health you don’t die, but you will have tough decisions to make…

When you run out of energy three different features of your tank will be listed and you will need to pick one to sacrifice. These three different options are random, depending on what you have left. You can end up losing your vision – being unable to see enemies, your weapon systems so you can’t fight, movement in a specific direction, and even the color that you see within the world. Over time, all of these sacrifices add up, and you might be unable to actually continue.

You’ll have to sacrifice a lot on the road to the city of light, with your tank getting more and more crippled with every health bar you deplete. You’ll need to make your decisions carefully and fight back as best you can to complete your journey.

Download Neon Tank Warriors Here (Windows & Mac)