Neon Wasteland – Alpha Demo

Neon Waseland Game Download

Neon Wasteland is a super cool pixel-punk bike racer that blends Runner, Shooter and Metroidvaina genres as you hack the metaverse while riding a transforming cyberbike!

Neon Wasteland plays like a rhythm action runner, with you required to press buttons to dodge, duck, jump over or shoot the various obstacles that you come across while driving your transformable cyberbike at high speeds through a neon cityscape. It’s a game that oozes style, thanks to gorgeous futuristic cyberpunk visuals, comic book style cutscenes and fantastic synth soundtrack.

The current demo build offers a great taste of things to come, with you able to race through World 1.1 of the game’s vibrant neon cityscape. The full game will feature 8 game worlds, 8 playable characters and a 24-issue tie-in animated comic that will relay its unique pixel-punk story.

It can take a little time to master the controls of your cyberbike, but once you do, Neon Wasteland is a blast – an intense neon-filled racer that assaults your senses with its snazzy visuals, fast paced gameplay and pulsing synth soundtrack. If this game got any cooler you’d need an icepick to play it.

Note: Use of a control pad and playing through the tutorial are highly recommended

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Download The Neon Wasteland Alpha Demo Here (Windows)