Neural bOts – Game Jam Build Download

Neural bOts, a rage-inducing precision flying game fittingly made for the Rage Game Jam, has you attempting to manoeuvre a small robot through a a course filled with deadly hazards.

In Neural bOts you control small robots that enter deadly assault course. These robots are circular, with a rocket that can rotate around their body. Controlling each robot is quite the challenge in itself, as the longer you use your rocket in a direction, the more speed you build up. This speed can be a curse – you must try to make it through small spaces full of spikes and around lasers. Sometimes you will need to use your speed, however, to run from rockets and quickly move around moving dangers.

Dying, thankfully, is not the end in this game. Instead, you will just be given another robot to control and forced to restart at the last checkpoint. You can easily continue on with this new bot, however, the narrator of the game may start to pick on you if you die too much. They will also start to comment on the time it takes you to make it through this game – you can never be quick enough (or at least I can’t be!)

Neural bOts is a real challenge and not for those who anger easily. If you can actually avoid dying within the game, and not get annoyed with the trolling narrator, maybe you’ll be good enough to pass this deadly test – then you can try and get on the scoreboard by making it through the game in one go without dying. Rage quitters need not apply!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Neural bOts Here (Windows)