Nevaeh – Alpha Demo

Nevaeh is a stylish and strange 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you use the light from a magical glowing butterfly to solve puzzles, make structures appear and battle enemies.

In Nevaeh you follow the adventure of a little girl who mistakenly releases a magical glowing butterfly from the top of a tower. Now the entire town surrounding the tower is plunged into darkness, so she attempts to re-enter the tower and replace the butterfly, but she’ll have to deal with many deadly hazards, puzzles, shadowy creatures and the Queen of the Night to have a chance of completing her quest.

The first thing you notice when loading up Nevaeh is the striking visual style – the black and white game world is full of detail and the paper cut-out styled characters are beautifully animated. The way the narrative unfolds is a little strange, but it’s a fascinating experience nonetheless and the light-based puzzle mechanics are very unique.

In Nevaeh certain objects, hazards and enemies will only manifest if they are lit by a light source. You can use mechanisms to move the light sources and your magical butterfly can light up the light sources. You can use this to your advantage in a variety of different ways – such as making platforms appear by lighting them up or making hazards disappear by removing the light.

The wordless narrative is a little confusing and the boss fight is downright bizarre, but other than that Nevaeh is a very promising puzzle platforming adventure. The light manipulating mechanics are fun, the puzzle design is very creative and the art style is very visually striking. A great little light-based puzzle platformer well worth shining a light on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Nevaeh Alpha Demo Here (Steam)