Never Look Back – Alpha Demo

Never Look Back

Never Look Back is a well crafted lovecraftian point and click adventure in which you face your inner demons and attempt to escape a nightmarish mansion.

In Never Look Back you control Mark, a 23 year old writer who has been haunted by nightmares for the last two weeks. Now, just after leaving his apartment he mysteriously wakes up in an abandoned mansion, and must uncover it’s horrifying secrets to stand any chance of escape.

Never Look Back draws inspiration from the likes of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Resident Evil and The Legend of Kyrandia to create an wonderfully macabre and monstrous point and click adventure that really sucks you in. The puzzles are very well designed and pixel art animation and audio are superb throughout, creating a deep sense of dread as you explore the mansion.

The Alpha demo build of Never Look Back offers up around 15 minutes of finely crafted point and click adventure horror, with clever puzzles, a great sense of atmosphere, freaky jump scares and an intriguing narrative. We look forward to seeing more of Never Look Back as it really is riveting stuff.

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UPDATE: This Demo Is No Longer Available