Nevermind: Bio-feedback Horror – Prototype Download


Developer Flying Mollusk is running a funding campaign on Kickstarter to fuel their bio-feedback horror game Nevermind. Their goal is about 50% complete, however there are only three days left to pledge. The game uses the Intel RealSense Camera and the Garmin Hear Rate Chest Strap to monitor the players mood and overall demeanour throughout playing so it may adapt to your fears and play on them. We’ve seen a bit of this element in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, however this takes it to a whole new level. The developers aim to develop Oculus Rift support for an enhanced experience, and if you play the prototype, you’ll get a feel for how incredible this game will be.

Nevermind puts you in the shoes of a new employee at an organization that studies trauma patients, and as a “neuroprober”, you will jump in the minds of these patients and live out their traumatic life experiences. This makes for a real disturbing and wild trip, and even in this early prototype that was developed as a school project, it’s well-conveyed. The game is built on the Unity3D Engine, and in the prototype, the art is really early content, so the overall look will be much more polished should they get the funding. You can play the prototype without the sensor kit and at least get your feet wet, it’s enough to move you.

We can’t forget to mention that this whole project stemmed from an idea to help people deal with stress and anxiety. Since the game reads you and adapts to your play style, it will force you to confront certain triggers, or fears, to help you overcome what really bothers you. There is extensive research going into this game and it’s the kind of pipeline we need in game development to truly deliver a visceral experience to the audience.

We’re looking at the future of horror games right here, on our doorstep. Nevermind is going to push us in the right direction as the encroaching new generation of game development emerges from the fog of the unknown years to come.

Check Out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE

Download the Nevermind Prototype HERE