New Frontier – Alpha Download

New Frontier is an open world sandbox MMORPG which allows you to ride, fight and carve out a life for yourself in the Wild West.

Emerging from the ashes of the now defunct Wild West Online, New Frontier is a PvP focused sandbox survival MMORPG set in a Wild West that’s plagued by monsters from another dimension. In the game you’ll be able to carry out quests for NPCs, form a posse with other players, mine resources, hunt wildlife, craft weapons and build your own home.

It shows promise and the interdimensional monsters are an interesting addition, but If you’re expecting New Frontier to be Red Dead Online for PC then you’ll be sorely disappointed. At the moment the world feels very empty and you really do have to make your own fun as there’s not much in the way of interesting quest based content.

New Frontier is still in Alpha so hopefully the devs will flesh out the world a bit in the future. The Wild West world looks beautiful and the gameplay is solid, it just needs some content to bring it to life. There are also plans for a battle royale mode which should be fun. It may not be not Red Dead, but it’s not dead on arrival either (yet).

Download The New Frontier Alpha Here (Steam)