New World – Open Beta

New World, Amazon’s highly anticipated massively multiplayer open world RPG is finally seeing a full release this month and you can download the Open Beta right now!

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, New World is an epic fantasy MMORPG from Amazon’s fledgling game development studio. In the game you are an adventurer who is shipwrecked on a strange island that’s home to powerful supernatural forces. You’ll have to scavenge, craft and fight to survive in a land that actively doesn’t seem to want you to be there and throws unimaginable horrors at you.

New World has a classless, real-time combat system that allows you to forge your own fighting style using a variety of melee weapons, ranged artillery and supernatural powers. Finding a style that compliments your teammates should give you the best chance of surviving the island.

The New World open Beta is live now and will run until the 12th of September. It’s a promising game, hopefully it fares a little better than Crucible!

Download the New World Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)