Newt One – Alpha Demo

Newt One is an enchanting third person platforming adventure with nonviolent gameplay that sees you exploring and awakening a vibrant musical game world.

In Newt One you control Newt, a new tone (or newt one) who has awakened in a once great musical world that has since fallen into slumber. The once colorful and mellody-filled land is now grey and silent, but Newt has the ability to restore it to its former glory.

The full game of Newt One will feature four unique worlds, each broken up into six levels. The current build allows players to sample five of these levels and they’re an absolute delight. Newt is a cute little character, but it’s the game world that’s the star of the show. Color and life burst out wherever you walk and the audio score slowly builds as you awaken each level. There’s plenty of secrets to discover and there are some pretty nifty power-ups to collect to that help you awaken the world a little faster.

The character movement takes a little getting used to (possibly due to your inability to strafe), but it’s a delightful game that really impresses with its melodic living game world and nonviolent platforming gameplay. A super sweet song-filled platforming adventure well worth singing about.

Download The Newt One Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)