Nex Machina – Beta Sign Up (PS4)

Nex Machina PS4 Beta Sign Up

PS4 Beta sign ups are now live for Nex Machina – the ridiculously cool looking Anime-inspired twin-stick voxel based arcade shooter from Housemarque (Super Stardust and Resogun) and Eugene Jarvis (Robotron and Smash TV).

We featured Nex Machina last month on Alpha Beta Gamer during the PC Beta sign up (now closed unfortunately), and were in awe of its intense hyper-kinetic combat and laser-filled spectacle. It’s set in a world where machines have achieved consciousness and attempt to eradicate all humans – who have become so addicted to technology that they can’t avert their eyes from their mobile devices. It’s up to you to blast your way through an army of robots and save humanity, because they’re not going to save themselves!

Nex Machina draws on the twitchy, skill based arcade gameplay of Resogun and Robotron to create a high octane shooter where everything can be blown to pieces. The robo-blasting action promises to be fast, frantic and relentless as you take on swarms of robots and huge bosses. It will also feature high quality Anime-style cutscenes, ranked tournaments, online leaderboards, spectator mode and challenges that should provide plenty of replayability.

It’s a fantastic looking game, from devs who have some serious pedigree in the arcade shooter genre. Sign up for the Beta now for a chance to squash the robo-revolt!

Check Out a Trailer for Nex Machina Here

Sign Up For The Nex Machina Beta Here (PS4 – EU and North America Only)