Next Car Game – Tech Demo

Next Car Game

Next Car Game is a great looking destruction heavy racing game with amazing environmental destruction, sophisticated physics-based driving dynamics and damage models.   It comes from Bugbear, developers of FlatOut and the recent Ridge Racer Unbounded, both games known for their high levels of destruction, but Next Car Game looks like it’s taking carnage to a whole new level.

Even though it’s only a tech demo, it’s still great fun.  It’s just you, the car, and big playground to full of things to bash, jump, and destroy.  The  sheer amount of destruction on offer is fantastic and it does a great job of showcasing the game engines capabilities.  Bugbear may not of come up with a proper name for their game yet, but they have come up with the foundations of a very good game.

UPDATE: This Alpha is No Longer Available But You Can Purchase The Full Game HERE

7 thoughts on “Next Car Game – Tech Demo”

    • Sorry man, you’re probably best contacting someone at Bugbear. They should be able to help. :)

  1. hey … when ever i try to load the demo on my windos7 laptop
    it always tells me to restart … so i do and then a error messgae pops up and crashes my laptop … this is the same with my PC (wich is very powerfull

  2. I can’t play the free demo, because every time I start the program after installing it, a error window pops up and says, “The program can’t start because your computer is missing component d3dx9_42.dll”. I re-installed it but didn’t help, can someone give me advice?

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