Nice Dudes – Beta Download

Nice Dudes

Nice Dudes is a fun little game in which you manage the Nice Dudes Modelling Agency, sending out male models on a variety of jobs in order to earn enough money to pay off a mob loan shark.

You’ve borrowed a little too much cash from the mob and need to pay them back within 30 days if you value the use of your legs.  To earn this money back you must send out male models from your agency to fulfil contracts.  You can’t just send anyone out though, you’ll have to match their attributes to the job description if you want to get paid (See notes Below).

It’s still very early in development so you won’t be able to pay off the whole of your loan in this version, but Nice Dudes shows promise with it’s great sense of humor and charming pixel art visuals.  It’s pretty nice, dude.

Notes:  Your selection of models is randomly selected each time you play.

Attribute Notes:  Smile = presence on tv, beautiful face. Style = Fashion/runway/clothing modeling. Build = sports related/strong. Guts = brave

Download The Nice Dudes Beta Here