Nice Try Plane – Game Jam Build

Nice Try Plane is a fun little cooperative and competitive multiplayer game where players attempt to collect coins whilst using their body weight to balance out a triplane as random heavy objects are dropped on it.

It really is a case of the more the merrier in Nice Try Plane. You can technically play in single-player but you won’t get very far as you really need other players to help keep the plane in the air. Players attempt to grab as many coins as possible, but also have to knock off the random heavy objects that fall on the plane and unbalance it. You can knock off the objects by going up to them and pressing X a few times, but while you’re doing that the other players will need to stand on the opposite wing to balance it out (which they may be more or less inclined to do depending on if there are any coins to be collected).

There’s not really much point in playing Nice Try Plane in single-player, but in multiplayer it’s a blast. It’s competitive, in that everyone is attempting to grab the coins, but also cooperative, in that everyone is attempting to balance out the plane. Teamwork will get you pretty far, but it’s only a matter of time until one player’s greed will cause you to crash and burn!

Download Nice Try Plane Here (Windows)