Niche – Alpha Demo


Niche is an incredibly stylish, sim-esque top down strategy title being created by Team Niche, in which your goal is to take an almost extinct race of animal/creature under your wing and help it and its race evolve and thrive once more in an extremely fast paced setting.

Niche‘s vibrant and seemingly simplistic look will instantly draw you. The instructional tutorial will help you learn the basics from the get go, teaching about the animals basic design makeup and need to survive. Your starting animal has randomly chosen genes (from a total of 6 genes) that can be passed down to the next generation of your little animal family. With each passing day you will also earn one gene point that can give your new generations of animal better and stronger genes to help forage more food or fight of the wild beats that lurk in the surrounding area.

Each animal has 20 days to live from the moment of birth, meaning that the choices you make each day could be crucial to your animals survival. Not only does this make you think more carefully about your choices with each passing day, it also has you use each day properly as it can always be the last day of each one of your ever-growing family.

As time goes on different events will occur, such as animal invasions, weather and sickness, making the games difficulty ramp up in a few short turns. Mating is a huge part of Niche, showcasing the use of genes that get passed down from the male and female animal to its young. Sometimes this wont always be the case however as wild animals can come into your family’s home and mate with one of your females, changing the DNA completely, which in turn can lead to either weaker or even more powerful family members.

To summarise, Niche is a truly awe-inspiring title that you simply will never wish to stop playing. Full of beautiful scenery, adorable animals and genetics, Niche will surely not disappoint anyone who attempts playing it.  A fun simulation/strategy game where it really is a case of survival of the fittest.

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Download the Niche Alpha Demo Here (Windows and Mac)