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NIGHT AND FIRE is an incredibly tough, atmospheric and oddly addictive puzzle horror game in which you play a young girl who’s trying to get a mysterious machine working in the middle of a monster-filled forrest.

At the start of NIGHT AND FIRE there’s no backstory about who you are or what you’re doing in the woods – you simply wake up by a campfire and must figure out what to do with the strange machinery that surrounds you. Figuring out what to do with the machinery is tough enough, but you also have to deal with the freaky monsters that live in the woods.

There are three main monsters in the current build and each one requires a different tactic to drive them away. Working out how to stay safe from the monsters and working out the machinery is the whole point of the game, so we won’t spoil anything here, but needless to say it requires a lot of experimentation and you will die a lot before you figure things out.

The close-ups of the monsters when they attack you aren’t quite as scary as they could be (and you’ll see them a lot as you get slaughtered by them repeatedly), but the atmosphere is very tense and figuring out the intricacies of the machinery is a strangely compelling experience. We’ll look forward to seeing more of NIGHT AND FIRE to see what more that strange machine can do, and the small snippet of narrative in the current build is very intriguing. A captivating little puzzler that’ll test your nerve, your problem solving skills and your multitasking ability as you deal with its freaky monsters and mysterious machinery.

Stuck? Check Out a Full Playthrough Here (Tips are in the description)

Download The NIGHT AND FIRE Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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