Night City Assault – Alpha Demo

night city assault

Night City Assault is a retro-style, side-scrolling beat ’em up with a dash of metroidvania exploration and a heaping handful of elements extracted from roleplaying games.

Set in a grimy 1980’s urbanscape, you’ll play as either Cindy Chan, a new police recruit, or Roy Silver, a hardened detective recently transferred from another precinct. You’ll have to punch, kick, and slam your ways through crowds of punks and other assorted nogoodniks to uncover the true nature of the crime syndicate plaguing the city’s streets. Night City Assault sets itself up to have one major overarching plot with optional side missions peppered throughout, giving a distinctive RPG feel to the characters and their problems. If the demo is anything to go by, Night City Assault is a world where the good guys are good, and the bad guys are bad; there isn’t any grey morality at play here. The voice acting is awkward and clunky but one imagines it’s purposefully bad, as it captures the stiff acting that was once omnipresent in pre-Y2K video games.

Night City Assault‘s controls are on par with other games of the genre, and the slight delay caused by the slick animations rarely detracts from the overall experience. The game also promises an experience-based level-up system, unlockable moves and abilities, a two-player co-op mode, and a weapon system for storing found objects. If you enjoyed beat ’em up titles like Double Dragon Neon but are looking for a new story, Night City Assault delivers all the punch of an old-school arcade game with a kick of modern freshness.

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