Night Lights – Alpha Demo


Night Lights is a stylish and very cleverly designed 2D puzzle platformer in which you manipulate light sources that can carve out segments of the environment.

Light has a strange effect on the shadowy night world of Night Lights. Silhouetted shapes that look and behave like solid structures can instantly disappear when you shine a light on them. There’s no hand holding and nothing is spelled out for you, but you can manipulate these lights in various ways to help access new areas, move blocks, activate switches and collect mystical crystals that open up portals to new levels.

The game’s silhouetted visual style has been seen before, but it’s still very cool and fits in well with the mysterious mystical night time world of Night Lights. The Alpha Demo packs a lot of inventive puzzle design into its 10 minute play time, with plenty of ‘Oh wow that’s clever’ moments and even a game changing new ability near the end that will open up lots of great puzzle possibilities in the finished game. A brilliant little shadowy puzzle platformer that’s well worth shining a light on.

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Download The Night Lights Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)